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What types of projects will the foundation fund?

The San Carlos Foundation will provide funding to businesses or individuals whose projects will enhance the visual image of San Carlos.

Projects that pertain to removing trash, visual pollution, road and street sign repairs, painting, landscaping, and other projects that adhere to the foundation Mission Statement will be considered.

How will I receive funding for my work?

Provide photos of your project or notify us and we will take the photos for you.


We will inspect your work during the project and at the completion of it.


You will receive funding when either a particular phase or full project is completed.

How to apply for funding?

Help us enhance the beauty of San Carlos

We all want a better San Carlos and we would love to collaborate to keep it and maintain it in optimal conditions.

If you have the initiative or have detected an area of opportunity to improve the image of the environment, then you can apply to obtain funding.


Please contact us at to receive your project application.

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